Mental Health Talk Antigua is an Antigua-based Mental Health Advocacy group made up of Mental Health Professionals and Advocates. Their mission is to change the narrative on mental health by providing much-needed information in hopes of eliminating stigma and advocating for access to quality services for all.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Mental Health Talk Antigua provided coping mechanisms, resources, and a safe space for many who were struggling with the unprecedented times that we have found ourselves in.


Brand Identity Design


Mental Health Talk Antigua

What We Did

Non-Profit Branding

Ending stigma,

changing lives

and changing minds

We are proud to partner with Mental Health Talk Antigua with the development of their brand. With the popularity and reach soaring throughout 2020, the Team at Avada Digital was more than willing to offer our services and sign on as a partner as we are well aware of how important access to mental healthcare is.


the better way

The Brand Identity for Mental Health Talk Antigua came naturally as one of their key goals is to change the conversation around Mental Health. The elements in the Logo coupled with the relaxing colours tell a story of change, hope and courage.