Sarafina’s Savoury Caribbean Puddings is a Local Company that specializes in Black Pudding, Rice Pudding, and White Puddings.

Their products come from humble beginnings and from a culinary artform steeped in Caribbean History and Culture.


Brand Identity Design


Sarafina’s Savoury Caribbean Puddings

What We Did

Branding and Packaging Design

Classic styles

meet modern


When we were approached for this project, our process included eating as much Black Pudding as possible AND getting to know exactly what audience the team at Sarafina’s was trying to reach. To accomplish the goal of reaching both local and international consumers, we went for a very old school design with a modern twist to really sell the product.

Bold branding

for home and abroad

Besides the old-school meets new-school look that we were aiming for, we used very bold colours and impactful fonts to really establish the brand. In Antigua and Barbuda Sarafina’s Puddings is the first company to package and sell black puddings and we wanted to help them to cement themselves as the leading black pudding brand.